Our Commitment

To Our Customers.

We at L'AVVENTURA are setting out to do something special. We don't just want to sell shirts and goods to folks. We want to inspire them to see the adventures all around them, and if that's not enough, to pursue new heights, sights and journeys. 

We believe it's the people who are along with us that make something grand. That make it an adventure, instead of just a good time, or even worse, a forgettable night. Those are the people like our team, our partners, our customers, and like you.

We are committed to bringing out that spirit of adventure in all of us. We are committed to producing beautiful, products of quality, that folks will want to bring on their adventures, goods that they'll want to share with others, and the kind of goods that are tied to the kind of memories that we carry with us long after.

To our Mother Earth.

We are very fortunate to be here. We owe a lot to those that came before us and have even more responsibility to be good stewards of our planet for those who will come after it. We at L'AVVENTURA commit to understanding our balance and our impact on the environment and what that means for plants, animals, and people we may never meet but may harm nonetheless.

We will always be looking for ways to reduce our impact, like producing our goods only when they are needed, working with environmentally responsible suppliers and partners, working to offset the carbon costs of our own shipping and production and always looking for ways to do better and to be better.

To You.

We hope you are ready to join us on this adventure. We'll do our best to provide goods of quality, to provide service that is human and that actually does care about your experience with us, and to do so in the least harmful way we can.

Thank you for joining us on the start of this brand new adventure.