Our Story


L'AVVENTURA exists to inspire adventures. People will need the goods to chase their dreams, to plan, to prepare, to create, and to go out there and do it. Where better than a modern store that is internet-first to have global reach for those with global aspirations?

Our founder, Christian, envisioned L'AVVENTURA through daydreams in Zoom calls, chained to a desk in the midst of a global pandemic year. When we can't physically wander and roam to far off places, at the very least our minds can be free to dream of better days and better mountains to climb.

Dreams of Better Days

L'AVVENTURA GOODS was borne out of a year of loss and struggles. But more than that it was built on memories of true adventures out in the world with friends and loved ones. Upon that foundation, that desire to travel, to see, to experience new things, came a longing for a time and a place that always inspires adventures, both real and daydreamed.

Picture it. Italy. 1960.

It may exist as a green light on the horizon to be chased but never reached. Or it may have been a real happening place for hitting beaches from the Adriatic to the Mediterranean, mountains from the Alps to the Apennines, from living medieval cities to ruins of ancient cultures. Every grand adventure Christian could think of led back to his family's ancestral home.

It all led to L'AVVENTURA.

To be honest, our founder, Christian, who feels weird writing this in third person, is not some famous mountain-climber or globe-trotting surfer. His career was spent raising money for good causes like protecting international journalists and ending world hunger. He's just a regular guy, with some dreams, a few digital skills, and a beautifully talented graphic designer for a wife.

Goods that inspire adventures.

With all this in mind, we came up with the idea for a shop that sold apparel and goods for men, for women, and for home, that all inspire that adventurous spirit in all of us. We decided to sell online only and goods that were made-to-order for folks like us who want that special touch for their adventure.

AD L'AVVENTURA. Where we're headed together.

That's our story. We're brand new to the game. Established 2021. We hope to get better. We'll do our best to do so. From improving our shopping experience to improving our product design and quality, we'll keep working hard to get better at this new venture. We want our apparel and goods to inspire adventures. We want it to fuel our adventures and yours for years to come. That is our commitment to you.

Thank you for joining us on this next adventure.

With L'AV,