Vivi Lentamente

Vivi Lentamente

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Live slowly. Live intentionally.

That’s a motto around here. We think it’s perfectly encapsulated by the Italian words Vivi Lentamente.

Our ethos for life and how we operate L'AVVENTURA. It's not about getting there fast, it's about enjoying every second of the adventure.

Always be hustling? We don’t want to live like that.

In this world of always hustling, always grinding, always being on the move and needing to be productive, and so on, we’ve lost ourselves. Have you ever felt anxious about nothing? Or felt like you should be doing something “productive” when you are trying to relax?

These feelings of guilt about your “laziness” aren’t natural. Just like much of the way we think and process the world, it’s a byproduct of society. We’ve been conditioned to always be on, to always be moving to the next thing, to have our attention pulled in a thousand directions. And it shows. Just about everyone in every generation is more stressed than they were decades ago. Just look at the latest American Psychological Association Stress in America report - it's getting worse for every new generation. Not better.

Have you ever struggled to focus? Have you ever tried to multi-task to be extra productive? We all have. But the science has long been in. Multi-tasking doesn’t work. We don’t really handle multiple things at once, and certainly not with the care and attention that all tasks deserve. That’s just attention-switching and it’s burning your candle at both ends.

What does this have to do with L’AVVENTURA? Or Fashion?

Slow Fashion

Our ethos is not only a direct response to burnout. It shows in our business model. We emphasize slow fashion as a direct response to fast fashion and the harms it has done (and continues to do) to our environment and economies.

Why do our products take so long to get to you?

Because we don’t make them until you order them. We’re not producing and storing hundreds of shirts in every size and color only to find out people aren’t gonna buy them and then send them to landfills. We make our products when you tell us you want them. It’s that simple. 

Why don’t we have immediate two-day shipping?

Because chances are, you won’t need products asap and two-day shipping has had terrible impacts on the environment. We’ve all gotten conditioned to having that convenience and now are demanding more without knowing the true cost.

We take more time to do it right

Operating this way not only saves on costs, it saves on environmental impact. Does it cost us? It costs time, and that can mean it costs sales too. We get it. But it also means we operate the way we choose to. We hope that our model and our ethos can mean something to you and to all of our customers in a way that resonates with them.

Adventures are meant to be enjoyed. And we believe that life is the grandest adventure. So why hurry through it? The destination at the end of everyone’s road is the same. Let’s enjoy getting there instead of rushing to meet it.

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