Our Summer 2021 Bucket List

Our Summer 2021 Bucket List

Image courtesy of Heather Mckean / Unsplash

All Vaxxed and ready to go?

We’ve arrived. It’s summer 2021 and we’ve been keeping our social distance and staying home for just about a year and a half. We’re fully vaccinated and ready to head out into the world again! You’re fully vaxxed right? If you can, and most of you can, you really, really should get that done to save lives, including your own.

Do continue to take precautions, we’re not out of the woods yet, but we should be taking time to get into the woods again. There are so many things to do now so here’s just a few of the top items on our Summer 2021 Bucket List.

Hit the Beaches


Image courtesy of Rowan Heuvel / Unsplash

We’ve all been missing the water, especially those near it. With beaches come crowds, but also lots of fresh air, seabreeze, sunshine and fun! If you live coastal, or are within a couple hours drive of a beach, add it to your bucket list. Just being within sight of water has incredibly beneficial effects for your mental health and happiness.

Not to mention the fun and sun to be had with your toes in the sand. Beach trips are a wonderful reason to get your friends together and have a good time. Unless you live at the beach (which you’re hitting this bucket list item all the time), you know that you feel looser and happier near the waves.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and an umbrella, just because you haven’t seen the sun that up close in awhile doesn’t mean it won’t absolutely wreck you. Lather up. Get tans, not burns.

Take a dive in Springs, Lakes, and Rivers

Kayaking through springs

Image courtesy of Autumn Kuney / Unsplash

Not everyone lives close enough to the beach to make a day trip of it. Though an overnight beach road trip does sound pretty rad too if you can swing it. For the rest of us there are other bodies of water to go take a dip in.

It’s getting really damn hot. We can’t ignore the science of it. Global climate is changing and the hottest summer of our lives so far could also be the coolest summer for the rest of our lives. You’re gonna want to cool down and nowhere better than taking a dip in a cool, refreshing spring or lake. Along with nice swims, we recommend renting kayaks or paddle boards for an unforgettable experience.

Reminder: Always gotta watch out for local wildlife. They are trying to keep cool too.

Discover National Parks

Zion National Park

Image courtesy of Veronika Bykovich / Unsplash

Discover America’s most beautiful and preserved national parks. Seriously, it’s always time to go see America’s natural wonders, but right now especially. Go out there and see them for yourself. Take pictures. Make memories. Get inspired.

At the top of our list is Everglades National Park in Florida. Fanboats, flamingos and crocs! Sign us up for that adventure!

If you live in a country other than the U.S., then go discover your home country's beautiful wild places. Or come visit America and see what everyone’s talking about at Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion and more! Everywhere in the world has natural beauty worth visiting and protecting, this summer we are adding to our bucket list to see more of it.

Go Camping

Go Camping

Image courtesy of Lesly Derksen / Unsplash

You know we love camping. And we are so ready to go for some hikes and set up camp at some new parks and places. Always remember to check out your campsite, park, etc’s guidelines and rules when you go. Stay in the know so you don’t hike you and your buddies right into some bad news bears.

We recommend gearing up with water bottles, camping mugs (coffee can be just as important as water when you are waking up on the ground), and of course stylish and practical camping clothes.

Keep your feet dry and your spirits high on those hikes. Or one of our favorite camping options, camp right on or near the beach. Three-for-one bucket list trip. Just don’t forget bug spray.

Go on so many trips with friends

Trips with friends

Image courtesy of Duy Pham Cecb / Unsplash


This one applies to all of the other bucket list items. It’s always more fun to go together. The memories and the good times are doubled or tripled. It’s time to plan trips with friends that you’ve been missing whether they were nearby or across the country. It’s time to see each other again (provided you’re all vaccinated now, and if they can’t for some reason, then you have even more responsibility to make sure you are to protect them).

Hit the beach or the springs. Go on a camping trip in a national park. Go on a road trip. A cabin trip. Any and all of the above. Bring your friends and remember the adventure is better together.

Obviously, there’s more adventures to be had and more extreme and even more exciting ones than these. But we like to start simple and set the sky as the limit. We hit all of these this summer and we know there will be amazing adventures and a lifetime of memories made.

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