L'AVVENTURA: Launching a new brand

A brand new start

What a ride it has been to get here. Really, we're just starting out and we're figuring it out as we go. Isn't that what life's all about?

It's been about 3 months since the real footwork and the race began to start a new brand, a new shop, website, products, all that backend business stuff (figuring out accounting and sales tax was a beast), and the never-ending effort to get all the licenses and permits required to exist as a business selling goods.

Most people looking at products and websites and brands are often picturing bigger groups, companies, design teams, marketing and ads teams, you know, a whole lot of professionals and experience. That's not how these things always start. In reality, it's almost never how they start. That size and that strength of competence builds trust. You know its people's jobs to make this product or service of quality and reliability. But what about for those just starting out? Teams of just one or two?

It's building the plane while you are in the air. It's a lot of uncertainty and burns through a lot of time and cash, and sure as hell requires a lot of grit. And yet, it's a lot of balance, you can run sprints, but you can't always be running. You can't always be hustling. Maybe others can. Maybe that's what it takes in the end. But what does that cost? Everything?

That's not our philosophy either. We dream of sunny days with open schedules and adventures on the horizon. We're not just trying to sell that idea. We're trying to embody it. Even as the adventurers have been mostly locked up for over a year. Even if the sun has sometimes only been seen streaming in through windows as we toil away at computers trying to build a dream.

Clothes and Products to Inspire Travel and Adventure

We're still figuring ourselves out. But it's that journey to know yourself and your tribe, your history, your calling, your raison d'etre, that's what life is about. It's not the destination, that's always on the horizon. It's the journey, that's the adventure. That's what we've always tried to believe. That's why we're always striving to improve. The work isn't done, truthfully, it's just getting started, and it'll never be complete. That's the whole point. Working towards that is the adventure.

We all want to set out for adventures. But sometimes people lose track of those desires. It happens easily, such is the daily grind, the bills that need paying, the goals that others set for us, and sometimes, just plainly the work that needs doing.

It's only natural. We are only human. But we all have that dream. All have that spark. Whatever it may be, that is what draws out the adventures in us. The happiness and present mindfulness in whatever our current action is. It's different in all of us, but all of us feel it the same.

We set out with the idea that some folks could use reminders, to be adventurous, to do the things they daydream about, to work towards those dreams. We set out to do that for men and women, for everyone. To turn their wardrobes and homes into sources of inspiration.

More adventures soon

We'll always be looking for more adventures to write home about. The ones with far off places, novel experiences, and new challenges. Stories worth sharing with others, not just because they happened to us, but because they changed us. After all, what is an adventure without growing and changing?

That's our adventure too.

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